The company

Fresh vegetables and fruit in Rosolini

F.LLI FLORIDDIA - SOCIETA' AGRICOLA brings  healthy and organic products to your table.
Discover our history, the machinery we use and the fundamental contribution of our staff: choose organic farming and own production.

Our history

For more than ten years now, F.LLI FLORIDDIA - SOCIETA' AGRICOLA has been a recognized and esteemed brand in the field of horticultural and fruit production. Our cultivation is done with both traditional as well as organic methods.
220 hectares of land rich in fruit and vegetable trees grown under the sun in Sicily: we follow the Italian farming tradition, following the natural rhythms and seasons.
Not only is it tradition: for our products we use the most modern techniques, completely eliminating the use of pesticides and chemical agents that are harmful to crops and one's health.
In the end it is our love for the environment and healthy products that make our farm a point of reference in the larger distribution market: quality always guaranteed.

State-of-the-art equipment

F.LLI FLORIDDIA - SOCIETA' AGRICOLA staff daily uses highly specific equipment that supports and facilitates the important stage of greenhouse control.
In this way, the vegetables are planted and grow to become healthy. Crops that improve day by day.
We also use specific machinery even after harvest, for product sorting operations, the packaging phase and for distribution. All this allows us to perfect the techniques associated with these processes, in order to ensure a quality working cycle.

Competent and attentive staff

We are convinced that machinery, however useful, can not replace man's work, especially when it comes to operations that have always been carried out manually.
It is for this reason that our staff represents the true heart of F.lli Floridda. Many people, with patience and skill, each day carefully select fruit and vegetables, separating the good ones from the bad, checking their packaging. Then they are delivered to supermarkets and other outlets.
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