All the tastes of Sicilian fresh fruit in Rosolini

The land of F.LLI FLORIDDIA - SOCIETA' AGRICOLA are located In one of the most beautiful corners of Sicily. A top of mind destination in Rosolini and throughout the province of Sicily for the production and distribution of horticultural and fruit and vegetable products, cultivated using traditional and organic methods. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, we are able to guarantee the sorting and storage of all the products we collect, and we do it fast. Every day, our team of highly skilled, experienced, and well-prepared experts ensure that our customers always get fresh and authentic products.
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Our land

Sicily is our home and our passion, and that is why we can guarantee the goodness of the fruit and vegetables that F.LLI FLORIDDIA - SOCIETA' AGRICOLA has now been cultivating and distributing for years. You receive only authentic products. We attach great importance and attention to the entire production chain, from cultivation to selection, to packaging, which bring a long-lasting and impeccable quality product to your table. We guarantee distribution not only in the island but also throughout Italy. Tell us what you need.
Operai durante smistamento verdure
Macchinario della società agricola F.lli Floriddia

Quality in machining

Our machining is highly secure and modern and we have special machines that store our fruits and vegetables. We also have committed staff who monitor and supervise all products on a daily basis.
Experience the quality of our products. If you have a grocery store or restaurant, you can buy our organic products too.
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The production process

These are not just words. We want our customers to see how we work on the farm, how we prepare and pack fruit and vegetables.
That is why we have prepared a photographic gallery where we followed and photographed our staff at all stages of production.
Carote impacchettate
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