In Rosolini you will find the farm for those who want to go organic

F.lli Floridia offers you the best of organic farming, not far from the beautiful and evocative Syracuse.
Sicily is the land that allows us to produce healthy and genuine fruits and vegetables that, after packaging and transport, is distributed to the best supermarkets and stores, eventually ending up fresh on your table.

From soil to table

We use 220 hectares of land, in the beautiful setting of the Sicilian coast. The sun, the good air and the freshness of the sea allow the production of totally organic fruit and vegetables. We collect vegetables and fruit, provide full and ad hoc packaging, have large warehouses for storage and finally we also transport our products for subsequent marketing.
Fruit and vegetables produced and distributed not only in Italy but also beyond our national borders, to some of the most important foreign countries.

100% Organic Fruits and Vegetables

There are several supermarkets and stores that have chosen Floriddia brand products for their freshness. All the vegetables and fruit we grow is entirely self-produced
Our fields have the following quality fruit and vegetables:
  • Carrots, fresh and nutritious;
  • Artichokes, a source of calcium, fiber, potassium and magnesium;
  • Cauliflower, recommended for diets due to low calorie content and high nutritional value;
  • Cucumbers and zucchini, light and digestible that help the body maintain a healthy regularity.
Among our fruits you can taste the watermelons and melons, fresh in the summer. Finally, the cherry tomatoes, typical of our Sicilian lands, self-produced and with a truly unforgettable flavor!

The best carrot production

We are the specialists in the production and packaging of carrots, grown and harvested directly in our fields.
Carrot is a fundamental vegetable for the good nutrition of all: it combats aging, improves visual abilities and helps prevent many diseases.
As every horticultural product is harvested, and only after careful packaging, it is ready to be distributed.
Our packaging types:
  • Bags
  • Trays
  • Big bag
We guarantee the best conditions for proper preservation, even on the most demanding trips, with the aim of safeguarding the organoleptic qualities of the products.
Contact us to receive our products at your point of sale!
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